Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cover, JUN 06

by KATHERINE PARADERO, editor-in-chief.

Exclusives, JUN 06

PETRA - Lost City of Stone
Petra Comes to the Canadian Museum of Civilization
by HABEEB SALLOUM, senior global correspondent

The most comprehensive exhibition ever presented, reflecting the ancient Jordanian city of Petra, and its creators, the Nabataeans, has arrived at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, which is Canada's largest and most popular cultural institution.

Featuring over 200 exceptional objects, many on display for the first time in North America, the exhibition, ‘Petra: Lost City of Stone,’ will conclude its North American tour in Canada’s capital. This exhibition is the most complete portrait ever mounted of the amazing and mysterious city of Petra in Jordan.

KENYA - From the Safari to the Slum
Choose Volunteering
by NOOSHIN SHABANI, guest writer

One of my most shocking moments was when I visited my fellow volunteer at Kibera slums, the levels of poverty were overwhelming. About 5 minutes after I walked out the slums we came across a huge western supermarket which has everything you would typically find in a market. Kibera was shocking but the contrast between the slums and the supermarket was unbelievable, it spoke a lot about how drastically wealth is polarized in Kenya.

FOREIGN AMERICA - A Cultural Commentary
The Peculiarities of Our Culture
by STEPHEN DUCLOS, guest writer

After recently living out of the country for five years, in addition to an earlier three-year experience out, I have returned to encounter a foreign culture – that is, foreign to a “foreign American.” The thing is; wherever we live and learn, we naturally tend to absorb and take our newly acquired knowledge and culture with us – especially when it makes perfect sense and betters our lives. We are products of our environments, no matter where they may be.

JERASH - Rome in Jordan
Ancient Rome Comes Alive in Jerash
by HABEEB SALLOUM, senior global correspondent

No sooner had we sat down in the semi-reconstructed Hippodrome at Jerash, Jordan’s Roman city, a massive arena that once seated 15,000 spectators, then, in the distance, that I witnessed the appearance of a part of a Roman Legion. In a few minutes a re-enactment of the golden days of Rome came alive before us. Roman soldiers drilling, gladiators fighting each other, and chariot races -- all depicting the days of Roman splendour -- suddenly came to life.

Features, JUN 06

RUSSIA - Midnight Train to Moscow
by ALEX BUDAK, staff columnist

Though tired from the lack of sleep, and my mouth a bit sore from trying to eat the bread, I left the train with a smile on my face, knowing that no matter what hardships I would face later on in life, I had managed to pee accurately in a rickety, dirty, Russian train – and no one can ever take that away from me.